Hello, visitor!

My name is Tanu Kaskinen, and this is my blog’s “About” page where I reveal some carefully chosen facts about myself and this blog.

Fact number one: I live in Tampere, Finland.

Fact number two: I’m a free software developer. You can interpret that as a “developer of free software” or a “free developer of software”. Both interpretations are correct.

(Hmm, numbering the facts is starting to feel like a daft idea. I’ll stop doing that now. You can try to count them by yourself if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.)

I maintain the PulseAudio sound server together with Arun Raghavan and Georg Chini. PulseAudio is my main focus, but I also contribute to the OpenEmbedded project by keeping many of the core audio packages up to date.

I’m not employed or sponsored by any company, which is great, because that gives me the freedom to work just the way I want to, but it’s also not great, because it means I get no salary. I have some savings that allow me to continue this way for a few years, but I’d rather continue indefinitely.

Rather than just waiting for my savings to inevitably run out, I figured that since my work benefits the general public, it might be possible that the general public is willing to support my work. In October 2016, I launched my Patreon campaign. In case you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a crowdfunding platform that provides stable monthly income, in contrast to Kickstarter and many other crowdfunding platforms that are used for funding limited-time one-off projects. It works so that if you, for example, wanted to donate one dollar per month to me, you’d click the “Become a patron” button on my Patreon page, choose the donation amount, and then Patreon would charge your credit card for that amount monthly, and forward the money to me. In January 2018 I launched a similar campaign on Liberapay.

This blog exists because of the Patreon campaign. I figured that I should provide at least a monthly summary of my work to my supporters, so that they have some way of assessing whether their money goes to good use. There are probably other people too who would like to follow what’s happening in PulseAudio, so I thought it would be useful to have a public blog for publishing the summaries. In order to give a small extra incentive for people to support me on Patreon, however, I make the monthly summaries available to my supporters first, and wait for a couple of weeks before making them available to everyone else.

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