June 2017

I finished the Intel HDMI LPE jack detection fix. Since I don’t have any HDMI audio hardware (except Raspberry Pi, but that has too unusual HDMI implementation to count in this case), the patch isn’t tested on real hardware yet. If you have Intel HDMI LPE hardware and you’d like to test, let me know. Also, if you have some other HDMI audio hardware that currently has working jack detection, it would be good to test that the jack detection still works, because the patches affect all HDMI devices.

I made a patch that changes how the default sink and source settings are internally stored by PulseAudio. The previous mechanism didn’t allow the default sink to point to a non-existent sink, which meant that if the user configured a USB device as the default sink, and then unplugged the device, the default sink setting was lost. My patch (not yet applied) removes that limitation, so it should finally be possible to set USB devices as default and have PulseAudio remember that choice.

The pa_simple_get_latency function in the “simple API” hasn’t been working correctly, the latency reports have been jumpy. Ted Ying sent a fix, which is now applied. The code still has some issues, but when I tried to fix them, the latency report behaviour got worse, so I didn’t apply my changes. I don’t fully understand why it’s working as well as it does without my changes, that’s something to figure out at a later time.

I made some improvements to the bluetooth documentation (added some troubleshooting tips and added links to bluetooth specification documents).

I finished fixing the MIPS build of webrtc-audio-processing. The PowerPC build turned out to be broken as well, and I fixed that too.

This post was originally written on 2017-07-04, and first made available to my Patreon supporters. Speaking of Patreon – I’m using crowdfunding in an attempt to make it financially sustainable to continue my volunteer work as a PulseAudio maintainer. If you’d like to help, check out my Patreon page.

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