December 2016

I fixed a crash that happened if module-combine-sink was used on top of a filter sink, and the filter sink was removed while the combine sink was running.

It was reported that module-xenpv-sink fails to build. I contacted Giorgos Boutsioukis (the module author) in hopes of getting some clues about why the module might have suddenly stopped building. He didn’t have ideas about the build failure, but he explained that the module has probably never been used by anyone (if I understood correctly, there was a project to develop an audio driver in Xen which the PulseAudio module was intended to use, but the driver was never adopted in Xen). We decided to remove the module from PulseAudio.

I addressed a couple of licensing issues: the license text for the audio filtering code copied from WebKit was not being included in release tarballs, and the top-level license file didn’t mention that the qpaeq utility is licensed under AGPL. Regarding qpaeq, I added the missing note to the top-level license file, but I also started the process to relicense qpaeq from AGPL to LGPL like the rest of PulseAudio code. I haven’t yet received permission from all qpaeq contributors to change the license.

A serious regression was about to creep in the 10.0 release (streaming would stop if a client sent “proactively” more data than the server had requested), but luckily Ahmed Darwish noticed it while working on a different bug. I made a fix for that.

It seemed that I could make the first 10.0 release candidate in December, but due to last minute problems it was postponed a bit. Now the release candidate is out, however, so please test it if you can!

This post was originally written on 2017-01-06, and first made available to my Patreon supporters. Speaking of Patreon – I’m using crowdfunding in an attempt to make it financially sustainable to continue my volunteer work as a PulseAudio maintainer. If you’d like to help, check out my Patreon page.

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